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Hey there, welcome to Story By! So happy to have you.

Are you lacking in career direction, confused about what it is you want to achieve, or maybe full of great intentions but don’t know how to move forward?

Sometimes the uncertainty surrounding what we want to do with our work or the confusion about where to even start once we do have an idea can be so frustrating.

Story By is here to help you find clarity, guide you towards your purpose, and support you in creating your own success story by sharing the inside scoop from female founders and thriving business women who were once exactly where you are. 

At Story By you’ll find a winning combo of inspiring interviews from ladies who have walked the walk as well as an accessible selection of resources based on the lessons they learnt to help fast-track you towards establishing and achieving your own goals.

Whether you’re fresh out of education (and have no answer to the dreaded question “So what are going to do now?”), thinking of pivoting careers, or are making progress but need some assistance for any wobbles….you’re in the right place.

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1.The interviews

The honest and inspiring journeys of ladies who have gone from career confusion to confidence and clarity as they build their empires and climb ladders. They share the highs and lows of creating the work-life of their dreams, and everything they wish they’d known earlier.

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Getting clear on your career path is a series of well thought out actions, as demonstrated by so many inspiring ladies living their best lives. Start moving yourself in the direction of your dreams by taking your own action. Learn how through the Story By e-courses and tutorials, including some amazing freebies.


3. The events

Story By events are all about inspiration and learning the tools you need to create the career of your dreams. Whether you’re a future female founder, want to climb the career ladder, make a pivot, or have no idea what you want, expect to feel motivated and get some clarity.



Further insights and discussions about what it takes to create the career of your dreams, as well as reflections on interviews and deeper delving into the logic behind the resources. Get to know what goes on behind the scenes of Story By, and exciting updates on what to expect in the future.



Four simple steps to exploring your purpose

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