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Hi, I'm Jess! Creator of Story By, The Office US super-fan, and all-round business and personal development junkie.

Entering the working world can feel like a lonely, overwhelming and scary place. As we graduate from school, college or university, we’re plunged into foreign territory as we try and find the sweet spot between what we got good grades in and what we actually enjoy doing. As if this wasn’t enough, we’re also faced with the dreaded question, “So what are you going to do now?”. It’s normally such an innocent enquiry, but the panic it evokes is real! If we are marginally prepared, it’s usually being ushered towards graduate schemes, getting a foot in the door for a corporate role, or being told ‘any job is better than no job’ as we frantically search Indeed.com. It can be soul destroying!

And what about after if we dip our toe in a few roles, but realise what we thought we wanted isn’t actually what we want at all? Pivoting can be just as terrifying. It can feel like there’s more at stake, people judging, and the fear of starting again. But what if you know that what you’re doing isn’t bringing you fulfilment (and probably never will), and you have an itch to try something new?

If either of these scenarios sound familiar, then know that you’re not alone, and there is a way through. I’ve been through both, I’ve cried the tears, and I know what it means to feel lost. At the time, I thought it was just me feeling this way. Then I reached out to a friend, and she was in exactly the same boat (we laughed that we weren’t alone, then we cried again!). Roll on a few years, and as the subject came up with more women, it turned out so many had been through something similar (and are often still in the throws of it). But, for some reason, there was no support for those who were inevitably about to feel the same, and no one was talking about it. Let alone talking about how to find your passion and create your ideal career.

So, Story By was created!

Story By is a platform to offer inspiration, advice and practical tools to ladies feeling lost as they join or navigate the working world. It’s a place where successful women share everything they know to provide guidance to those in need, and a place where these stories are turned into strategies to fast-track any ladies feeling lost, overwhelmed or disconnected with their career efforts.

I know the feeling of being frustrated and confused because of a lack of direction and next to no clarity. I also know how good it feels to be inspired, look inside, get focussed and achieve those goals. And this is what Story By is here to share with you.

My goal is to support you in finding clarity in your career passions, and inspiration to follow your dreams through success stories of women who have been there, and practical tools (with a sprinkling of spirituality).

So if you're ready to begin, let's get started!

If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you. Just head over to the contact page, drop me an e-mail, or come on over to Insta.

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