How to Use a Vision Board


Whether you've recently finished your Vision Board or are intrigued as to what you're actually meant to do with a pretty collage-esque poster, this one is for you. Whilst there's no "one way" to use a Vision Board, make sure you are getting the most of your creation and giving yourself the best chance for success.


Quite simply, a Vision Board works on the basis that by focussing on what you want and visualising it as having successfully happened, you open yourself up to more opportunities to make your goals a reality and bring what you want into your life (often called Law of Attraction). For this reason, Vision Boards are popular to use as prompts to visualise the future and consequently inspire us to take positive action to achieve err-damn-day.


How you use your Vision Board can depend on how time rich you are, especially in the AM. In an ideal world, you'd have ample time over your morning coffee to read, visualise, catch up on the news, create world peace, and turn yourself into a pretzel on the yoga mat. Realistically though, sometimes it's a miracle if we actually have time to stand and mindfully brush our teeth, rather than multi-tasking whilst trying to rescue our hair with the remnants of a dry-shampoo can (guilty). If you can, try and devote at least a couple of minutes to your Board by using the steps below. Don't worry if you're pushed for time though, you can always use the Visualisation on the Go method to make the most of your precious minutes.


If you are a morning meditator, using your Vision Board straight after you have calmed your mind can be a great habit to get into. If not, sit quietly for a few moments and try to remain present and focussed. Look at your first image, or cluster, and prompt word (if you have it). Recognise what goal the images represent that you would like to achieve and close your eyes. Next, imagine yourself having accomplished your target, and the feelings that go with it.

If you've bought a home by the sea, maybe you feel calm at the sight of the waves, and grateful for the warm sun on your skin. If you've completed a marathon, maybe you feel exhilarated and exhausted as you see your feet crossing the finishing line, and proud as you hear your family cheering you on. If you've given a killer presentation at work, maybe you feel unstoppable as your colleagues clap you on the back, or grateful and excited as you're offered a promotion. Whatever your goal, visualise the outcome, and everything that is going on in that moment. If it helps, go through your senses. What do you see, hear, feel, smell and taste as you achieve your dreams?

The more realistic the imagery in your head, the more likely you are to chase those feelings and do everything possible to make them a reality. To get slightly trippy, Dr Wayne Dyer talks about how time is really just a concept we have created, and everything we want to happen has already existed. We just haven't experienced the moment yet. Really picture the scene in your head as if it has already happened, and you're re-running the tape. This is the technique used by successful athletes across the world, and for good reason too. Jack Nicklaus, the World Champion Golfer, has been quoted as saying "I never hit a shot, not even in practice, without having a very sharp in-focus picture of it in my head." Be more Jack.


Sometimes, you just don't gots time. Sitting staring at your Vision Boards may seem as unrealistic as learning the Single Ladies dance, but don't fear - you can still make a huge impact on your day/week/life by squeezing in a few positive thoughts led by your Board.

Gratitude makes the world go round, and also helps us with speedy visualisation. By giving thanks for what we have/who we are (and what we will have/who we will be in the future), we invite positivity into our lives by being happy with our circumstances. Positivity breeds positivity, which is the ultimate attitude for making changes for the good.

If you're pushed for time, try saying (or thinking in your head) a sentence or two about each of your goals. Be prompted by your Vision Board and start with "Thank you, I am so grateful for...". Then fill in the blank. For example, if we take the same scenarios as above we might say;

"Thank you, I am so grateful for my gorgeous beach house and the sun on my skin. I am thankful for the sound of the waves and the calm it brings me." or...

"Thank you, I am so grateful for my strong body which has crossed this finish line. I am thankful for my amazing finish time and hearing my family cheering my name." or...

"Thank you, I am so grateful for my confident public speaking abilities and the interested faces looking up at me. I am thankful for the incredibly positive reception."

You get the idea. At this point, if you are spiritual or religious, you may want to add in a little somethin' somethin' after your thank you. Some people like to thank the Universe, some people like to thank a God. Whatever floats your boat and feels right, consider adding it here.


There's no wrong or right way to use a Vision Board. But there is a way to maximise your time and yield results. Whichever way you choose, show yourself and the Universe what you want, and show up at the opportunities.

You can do it!