Four Gorgeous Ways to Style your Vision Board


Sometimes the words "Vision Board" are accompanied with the words "cork board". And with good reason. The cork board is a traditional and inexpensive way to pin down your goals and ideas. But what about if you want to get a little more creative? There are endless ways to display you Boards with sass. Whether you're a minimalist, love to layer, or are decor-focused, prepare to be inspired by some beautiful examples of Vision Board styles.


Layers & lines

Image Credit: @brittanyyallop

This marble and gold beauty is the perfect example of how to create gorgeous layers on a Vision Board without creating any major obstructions. Consider running a line of ribbon or string horizontally across your board and give yourself some extra room by attaching imagery and affirmations with mini grips & pegs.


the finished frame

Image Credit: @journeytowellnessdubai

If you plan on having your Vision Board on display in a popular area of your home (great idea, by the way), it is well worth considering placing your cork board inside a similar sized frame to create a look that fits in well with your decor, and makes it more enjoyable to look at everyday. A win win situation for furnishing your home, and giving your Board the attention it deserves.


the non-board board

Image Credit: @eat_breathe_believe

For those who don't want to conform to the cork board, know that your Vision Board doesn't can be displayed in a variety of ways. Popular alternatives include collages created digitally and printed on one sheet (think large photo) and inexpensive frames to attach your cut outs to. Best of all, these are lightweight and easy to display.


the zero negative space

Image Credit: @thatellengirl87

This Vision Board example is filled to the brim with inspiring words and images, leaving almost no negative (white) space. For some, this could be considered overwhelming, but for others, it is a glorious inspiration masterpiece with motivation at every glance. If this fits your style, consider using a simple cut and stick method onto a piece of card. Since there will be little of the background seen, a basic piece of strong paper will fit the bill and provide a cheaper alternative to a sturdier Board.


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