The Best Book To Read Before Creating Your Vision Board


If you haven't heard of Jack Canfield, he's one of the team behind the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and an incredible entrepreneur. He’s also a huge advocate for using a Vision Board, and attributes a lot of his success to having done so. If you’re eager to get started on creating your Vision Board, but are feeling a little confused about your personal goals, New York Times Bestseller The 25 Principles of Success is an inspiring and practical way to give yourself some direction and clarity.

 I can't get enough, and hope you love it too.

Overview: An inspiring read for making positive lifestyle changes to fulfill your aspirations

The perfect balance of educational real-world stories, helpful (yet non patronising) explanations, and realistic suggestions set out over 25 chapters.

Audience: Anyone looking to make positive lifestyle changes

There is no ‘one area’ that this book covers, making it relevant to all aspects of life. Whether you’re looking to improve your work situation, increase your wealth, create a happier lifestyle, or make any changes – it's relevant, and can be used to get some insight into what goals you would benefit from showcasing on your Vision Board. All that is needed is the desire to make your life work better for you. 

The perfect audience? Definitely school/uni leavers. This book can be a great guide for those feeling lost or overwhelmed with choice after finishing their education (personal experience!).

Best Bits: The enthusiasm you will feel, and the ease of reading 

Jack is really enthusiastic, and it translates through the pages. The feelings of motivation to take action (a great time to start your Vision Board) that you are left with as you go through are truly one of the most valuable parts of this book.

Another plus is the easy-to-read format in which information is laid out. Each Principle has its own chapter, so 25 in total, made up of intelligent quotes, memorable and understandable stories to highlight the message, thoughtful explanations as to why the Principle is proven to work, and in some chapters, there are small ‘workbook’ sections to take action on the pointers. These workbook parts are really useful to get an insight into the direction you’d like to take your Vision Board.

Finally - you can easily dip in and out of this book. Jack suggests reading the book through once with a highlighter, then going back to any relevant sections as and when they’re needed. For those short on time or not big readers, this is a massive plus.

Worst Bits: No ‘new’ ideas

It would be wrong to admit that this book uncovered all the secrets to self-improvement and enhancing quality of life. The concepts are not new, but the fact that Jack can take such complex ideas to a simple and understandable manner is really useful.

In short...

Whenever I have found myself on a less-loved path, or looking for some direction, this book has helped me realise what it is I want, and how to get there. The helpful guide to creating goals and affirmations puts The 25 Principles of Success front and centre on my bookcase. It’s so good, that I bought a further 3 copies to give to family and friends as gifts. Definitely recommend.

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