The Best Budget Friendly (And Adorable) Push Pins


Your Vision Board says a lot about you. Not only does it embody your goals and aspirations for the future, the way all the elements are put together is also a reflection of your unique style. If you're looking to inject some of your personality into your Board, keep it simple with some decorative push pins (often called thumb tacks).

Whatever your style, whether boho chic, edgy, or glam, choosing pins that are true to you and your intentions will instantly give your Board an added dose of your identity, and make you more likely to take an interest in all the images and words on display.

Below are The Vision Board Project's top picks of gorgeous push pins available online. As well as being beautiful accessories for your board, they're also budget friendly.


Find them here: Pasinga at Not on the High Street

These industrial beauties are created in concrete and a geometric design. If you're into minimal and modern aesthetics, these edgy push pins would be the perfect accessory for your Vision Board. Alternatively, these could rough up a daintier Board and be the perfect partner to softer feminine colours. Like a leather jacket and dainty floral summer dress, these would be a match made in heaven!



Find them here: Alohha at Amazon 

Pinks, and purples, and peaches. Oh my! Add some delicate colour to your Vision Board with these sherbet push pins available on Amazon. These mini thumb tacks are a great choice for anyone with a penchant for rose gold everything. Due to their miniature size, they're great bundled up to add layers and colour.

Find them here:  Alohha at Amazon

Find them here: Alohha at Amazon

Find them here:  Paperchase

Find them here: Paperchase


Find them here: Paperchase 

The most affordable push pins of the top picks, these silver arrow and feather thumb tacks come in a pack of 16 and are a subtle way of adding some boho chic to your Vision Board. Get them online from Paperchase for an injection of minimalism and bohemian style in one Vision Board accessory.



Get them here: NiftyGiftyShop on Etsy 

Cute, dainty, and looking goddamn delicious. These push pins are the perfect addition to any foodie's Vision Board. Let's face it, they would probably make you hungry to look at every morning. But they're so worth it. Get this handmade set of four from Etsy to add instant sweet charm to your whimsical Vision Board.

Get them here:  NiftyGiftyShop on Etsy

Get them here: NiftyGiftyShop on Etsy


Whatever your style, there are plenty of push pins out there to make your Vision Board even more creative. Enjoy making it a reflection of your personality, and you'll barely be able to keep your eyes from it!

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