Vision Board FAQs


“What is a Vision Board?”, “How do they work?”, “Where do I even use a Vision Board?!”. Whether you're creating your first Vision Board, or are just curious and looking to learn more, this is the post for you! We’re delving into some of the popular questions and shedding light on the mysteries to make them clear, easy to understand, and to give you the knowledge to feel happy and fulfilled. So, without further ado…

What is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is a collection of images and words that help fine-tune our perception, and to become more aware of opportunities that may have once gone unnoticed. They’re also a great reminder to take positive action everyday. Traditionally, Vision Boards are created on a cork board or pin board, but there are lots of ways to make something that works just for you.

How do Vision Boards work? Aren’t they a bit hippy dippy?

Definitely not! Some aspects of Vision Boards have a bad rap as being airy-fairy, but in reality, they’re actually really practical and logical. A Vision Board works on the basis that by focussing on what you want and visualising it as having successfully happened, you open yourself up to more opportunities to make your goals a reality and bring what you want into your life (often called Law of Attraction). For this reason, Vision Boards are popular to use as prompts to visualise the future and consequently inspire us to take positive action to achieve err-damn-day.

What am I meant to put on my vision board? I don’t know where to start!

If you're unsure where to begin when making your Vision Board, grab your Goals or Bucket List to get started and read this post. Reading through what you want to achieve is a great way to engage the mind as to how your life will look when you've reached your milestones. Using this inspiration, start searching for images that will represent how you'll be living and save everything that jumps out at you.

How do I make a Vision Board? Are they complicated?

Not at all. Vision Boards can be as simple as you like, and there are only a few steps to the process!

Get the beginner-friendly visual guide with step-by-step images here.

1. Start by reviewing your goals, and imagining how your life will look and feel once you’ve attained them.

2. Next, flick through some magazines and cut out anything that relates to your ideal experience. Anything goes – find inspiration in words, colours, images and phrases.

3. Finally, arrange the cut-outs across your Board and tack everything down. Extra credit for decorative additions.

Do I have to get crafty with my vision board?

Vision Boards are traditionally images pinned onto a cork board or similar, but if you're more comfortable on a computer than you are with a pair of scissors, get creative online. There are tonnes of free programmes such as Canva and PicMonkey that make it simple to create and edit Vision Boards digitally, which can later be downloaded and printed. Similarly, if you shine with crafting and getting your hands dirty (to some extent), go traditional and get snipping.

How do I use a vision board?

Place your finished masterpiece somewhere you’ll see it everyday (by your bed or next to a mirror is perfect), and let the images and words prompt you to visualise yourself having completed your goal. Read an in-depth post on how to use here.

If you aspire to run a marathon, you might pin an image of a medal. Looking at your Board, you can visualise yourself finishing the race and all the emotions that go with it. Pride, relief, elation. Imagine how you’d celebrate. Experience all the feelings as if you’ve achieved your goal. 

As we bring awareness to how we’ll feel, we start seeing more opportunities to make these experiences a reality, leading us to accomplish our goals. It’s a happy cycle of feeling good, sharpening our perception, and receiving what we feel.

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