Top Vision Board Tools and Resources

Having the right resources and tools at your fingertips can make a huge difference to the creation of your Vision Board, and how you use it. Get started below with my list of top Vision Board tools and resources to get your board on the road, and your goals in the bag.


Canva is a graphic design tool, and a quick and easy way to design your Vision Board online.  Use one of their many many templates to get started - no graphic design skills necessary. You can find a tonne of great layouts, filters, gorgeous fonts and images. This is the easiest (and my favourite) way to create a Vision Board online. And it's free!


The Holy Grail of inspiration, Pinterest is an image search engine that helps provide visual ideas. Type one of your goals (e.g. beach house, medal, yoga headstand) into the search bar, and be amazed by the amount of image results! A great way to fill up your board or find some motivation.


This photo resource is a great starting point for finding professional images for free. Add some quality visuals to your Vision Board for no cost, or choose to pay for super hi-res snaps if needed (for me, the normal/free sizes work just fine). Start by searching in the toolbar, then download at the click of a button.