Tutorial: how to create a vision board

Curious about making your own Vision Board? Learn how below in the easy step-by-step guide to creating a Vision Board, perfect for beginners with simple instructions and examples to help you get on your way. 


step 1


Start by compiling the basics for creating your Vision Board. Keep things simple, and begin with; a cork board, pins/tacks, scissors, old magazines or newspapers, stickers, wine (optional).


step 3


Place all of the cut-outs onto your board, and arrange them over and over until you are happy. Some people like to arrange theirs by category, or importance. Anything goes, and everything is right.

step 2


Think about your goals and ambitions. These can be short-term, long-term, business related or personal. Find imagery and words that jump out and relate to your goals, and get snipping.


step 4


Once you have decided on your final layout, carefully pin in your images and inspirational words. Finally, you can add extra decoration, such as stickers, to make your board even more tempting to look at.


And there you have it! Your finished Vision Board.

Keep it somewhere you will be able to see everyday in order to feel as motivated as possible to capture those feelings of achieving your goals.

If you're feeling extra creative, The Vision Board Project has rounded up four gorgeous ways to style your Vision Board. There are so many options to make your Board work for you. 

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